Should i Unplug all my electronics prior to the movers arriving ?

Do what you can and we can do the rest if needed, no problem.

Will the movers wrap my T.V. to assure it arrives safely ?

Yes, we have plenty of blankets, shrink wrap and cardboard to assure your T.V. arrives in perfect condition.

How far in advance should i book ?

Just call us when your ready to commit , and we'll fit you in , no problem.

Can my pets to around during the move ?

We always suggest that you have a special room to put them out of harms way as  moving can be a very busy process.

Do my movers have insurance to cover any damage ?

Yes we provide basic coverage with the hourly rate, if you want additional coverage just ask.

What is double drive time ?

Double drive time is the time it takes to drive to and from your locations . Its standard for all moving companies in California.

We items should i move myself ?

We ask that you move any combustible items such as gas , and also valuables , laptops , jewelry and any medicines you need.